Pleasing My Wife

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Body hair is something that can be unsightly and rather embarrassing.  Although my wife loves me very much, she does not seem to love my body hair a whole lot.  Because I want to do everything that I can in order to keep her happy, I decided to find a place that would do body hair removal Andover.  Of course, I did not want to do anything that would be too painful, and so I was not too excited about having any of my body hair waxed.  I wanted to find some sort of alternative to waxing that might keep the hair off for a longer period of time.  I decided to research the different methods of hair removal that are available, while also looking into the different spas in the area that might be able to perform one of these procedures for me.  I really did not know what I was looking for at all, and so the internet was definitely my friend throughout the process.

I looked into a number of local places here in the Andover area, and I finally settled on a local spa.  They showed me all of the different options that I had available to me for hair removal, including waxing and laser removal, in order to help me to come to an informed and educated decision.  The staff made me feel really, really comfortable throughout the entire process, and I actually enjoyed my visit to this spa quite a bit, which is something that I was not really expecting.

Well, I had a whole lot of body hair removed, and I must say that my wife was very pleasantly surprised when I showed her.  In fact, she considered it to be a gift, and she was very happy I did it.