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The benefits of essential oils

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Aromatherapy is the treatment that uses aromas that come from nature, plants, flowers, shrubs, for healing purposes. The process requires the distillation of the vegetable to capture what are called uplifting essential oils, these oils will be in charge of transmitting the natural properties through applications such as massages, baths, compress applications and other treatments.

The ease of absorption of the skin allows the active components to penetrate directly into the body, improving our immune system, and acting on the blood circulation, tissues and other organs, improving different physical and psychological conditions.

Each oil has its own identity, aroma and characteristics. When the oils are mixed with each other also their benefits are mixed. Some oils are soothing and relaxing, while others are stimulating and invigorating, others can be very effective in relieving symptoms of common infections such as colds and flu.

The term essential oil also applies to similar synthetic substances prepared from coal tar and to semi-synthetic substances prepared from essential natural oils.

Essential oils come from the flowers, fruits, leaves, roots, seeds and bark of plants. Treatments with essential oils are becoming more popular every day, and more people are commenting about the benefits they experienced after their treatments.

The potential of essential oils have a direct correspondence with herbal medicine and the properties of medicinal plants. Some of its positive effects are that they counteract insomnia, reduce stress, help reduce anxiety, relieve pain, increase defenses, correct stomach problems, clear the airways, fluidizes secretions, improves immune system, and an endless list goodness follows these.

Obviously, essential oils are very concentrated; if applied directly, they can irritate the skin. Before using an essential oil for the first time, especially if there is a history of allergic reactions, a skin test should be performed in the presence of an ecologist or other qualified therapist.